Web pack

Selected web screens (from 3 different projects) I created during my work at Currenda Sp. z o. o.  I was responsible for the design, web prototype and partially UX.

Date: 04/2017 – 06/2018
Soft used: Xd, Ai, Ps











The Haze

THE HAZE is a gently sparkling soft drink with a unique taste. Based on l-theanine, it helps you kick back, relax and boosts your mood. It doesn’t cause fatigue and sleepiness, so it’s safe for drivers, who often attend parties but obviously can’t drink.

My friends came to me with that idea, and my role was to create whole branding and communication for our drink.

We started production in late 2014, and finally, in September 2015 the first bottle of The Haze was sold...

CEO: Piotr Naumczyk
Sales & recipe: Adrian Kamola
Art direction & marketing: Emil Skokowski
Photographer: Bartłomiej Chęciński

Date: 2015 - now
Soft used: AI, PS














SWORD Piły Taśmowe enterprise is my client since 2009 and I had a pleasure to help in various projects. Today, it is a specialist company that has been supplying band saw blades and band saw machines, cooling, and lubricating fluids as well as cutting accessory equipment since 1989.

Recently, We decided to redesign the whole corporate website. My task was to create modern, html5 responsive website, with one-pager style. After few prototypes and proposal designs, we finally achieve SWORD idea and I was able to develop the whole thing.

Web site includes more than 100 subpages, translated to English and Russian. There is big knowledge center inside and it is shopping-ready to use.

Client: SWORD SP. Z O.O. SP. K.
Date: 02-03/17
Soft used: AI, PS, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress


I was asked to create branding and website for Linkspot - business outsourcing company. Linkspot will help your business grow and take care of 4 main problems for entrepreneurs - bureaucracy, management, technology and marketing.

Date: 03/2016
Soft used: AI, PS, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3







Make Cooking Easier

Make Cooking Easier is a famous (more than 8k UU/day, +60k IG followers) polish culinary & photography blog run by Zosia Cudny. I have a big pleasure to work with such wonderful client.

Last year, I created the new unique, mobile ready WordPress template for Zosia. It was a challenge, to develop the whole client ideas, with UX rules and principles. Finally, we were all happy with the final effect, and community responses were really good.

I was also helping during works with Zosia’s second book. My task was to create an InDesign ready to use mockup for book editors and printing house.

Actually, We are working on a new version of the blog template.

Client: MCE Zosia Cudny
Date: 2015 – now
Soft used: AI, PS, ID, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3







Central Sopot

Central Sopot offers accommodation in Sopot (located by the sea), Poland. In the city center, You can choose one of four accommodation types, depending on your budget.

I was asked to create an identity, which actually is quite different, after redesign (not by me).

Date: 02/2015
Soft used: AI, PS, WordPress, HTML5, CSS3