The Haze

THE HAZE is a gently sparkling soft drink with a unique taste. Based on l-theanine, it helps you kick back, relax and boosts your mood. It doesn’t cause fatigue and sleepiness, so it’s safe for drivers, who often attend parties but obviously can’t drink.

My friends came to me with that idea, and my role was to create whole branding and communication for our drink.

We started production in late 2014, and finally, in September 2015 the first bottle of The Haze was sold...

CEO: Piotr Naumczyk
Sales & recipe: Adrian Kamola
Art direction & marketing: Emil Skokowski
Photographer: Bartłomiej Chęciński

Date: 2015 - now
Soft used: AI, PS













Players Camp

Small branding project for youth basketball summer camp. My task was to design a logo with a client tagline “The best basketball camp”, and some web & prints materials as well. I also created WordPress website, based on a free theme.

Most important in this project was to make this brand look like a sports team, not a boring camp-organizer company. I started with a few sketch-ups and tried to visualized client idea with basketball board and sign on it. Then I proposed first color version, based on light & navy blue (symbolized education and good spirit). After client opinion, I changed a color scheme to the more aggressive, as You can see below.

Date: 02/17
Client: Players Camp
Soft used: AI, PS




Game Time

From 09.16 to 02.17 I had a pleasure to be a head designer, of three clubs from the top polish league; LOTOS Trefl Gdańsk (men team, volleyball), ATOM Trefl Sopot (women team, volleyball) and Trefl Sopot (men team, basketball). I've seen how my favorite local teams work from inside. On each game, there are between 1k-15k fans.

My general responsibility was to creating a content (mostly based on marketing team ideas) for every game day, for every team (web, print, social media, outdoor & indoor, video displays) and art direction for a junior graphic designer.

Below You can see few of best works. Each graphic Was preparing for differents formats, from small web banners to big outdoor displays.

Date: 09/2016 - 02/2017 - now
Client: Game Time sp. z o. o. (marketing team of top polish league)

Soft used: PS, AI, ID, AE, CDR